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The Gilead Hep C Specialist Finder is an online resource that connects patients to Hep C clinical experts in their area. We encourage you to become one of the many healthcare providers to sign up for the Gilead Hep C Specialist Finder.

Please see Terms and Conditions below.

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Terms and Conditions

The Gilead Hep C Specialist Finder database of clinical experts is intended for informational purposes only. This database may be available via and Gilead HCV product websites, and offers the general public a resource to locate and contact you as a Hep C clinical expert. The information included in the database is based on your voluntary response to a solicitation from Gilead Sciences and/or an unsolicited request from you. You will not receive any fees or payment in exchange for participation in the database. The database may also include publicly available data from a third-party source.

Inclusion of your information in the database does not represent an endorsement, referral, or recommendation of you or your practice from Gilead Sciences. Inclusion of your information also is not dependent on any historical or future prescriptions of Gilead Sciences products. In addition, your participation in the database does not constitute an endorsement of Gilead Sciences and/or Gilead Sciences products.

Your self-selection to be included in the database is your responsibility and you can request to have your name and information removed at any time by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.